Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Poor Medical Management

Not Impressed.

So not impressed. First they don’t have my file ready. Then they give me someone else’s Med list with my name and personal information on it. Then they weigh me without letting me put my computer bag, phones, keys, or anything down. Then they put me in a room with a used paper on the exam table. Then they ask for urine but sine they didn’t mention they needed it when they called to confirm blood work last week I had little to give because I just went. Then the urine goes into a small drinking cup, uncovered, into a wall cabinet. There’s already spilled urine and another patients cups in there. Then another patient is told to give urine as well. I tell the nurse there are already a few cups in the box and she says we’ll get them. A few more people are sent in for urine with it the next few minutes and one comes out saying there was no room to put his in the box. Then blood pressure was taken extremely poorly as if she didn’t know how and didn’t care. She asks me if I checked my med list ad I tell her it’s not my med list. She looks at me as if I don’t know what I am talking about. Then she asks if I had a flu shot and I tell her I don’t do flu shots. She comes back after 40 minutes and asks if I did labs recently. I tell I did them last week as this office requested. She comes back and takes my med list. She then returned and asked if I had a flu shot. I tell her no again. The doc.comes in and tells me the nurse ordered the wrong labs so they’ll do them here today and he’ll cal me. I forget to mention the incorrect me list but remind the nurse when she brings me my paperwork and she says we only put down what you tell us which may be the last straw. I held my voice down but firmly said I never told anyone any of those medications, someone transcribed the wrong list into my medical record, you did not answer my question. She looked blankly at me and asked what my question was. This was in front of other patients and office staff. I asked if my medication record will be corrected and she said yes. I said thank you. The asked the lab tech if he could get the doctor and he went back but the doctor just went in to see a patient so he asked if he could help and I explained the situation and he opened my medical file and saw the changes being made as we speak. I noticed an incorrect dosage was listed for my one medication and he said he’d correct that. I explained that this sort of error has caused issues with other doctors in the past as they see my medical record online through a hospital medical record portal so for a nurse to not show concern concerns me more than a simple transcription error. He said you know they are medical assistants and not nurses so they don’t know many if the prescription medications. I said then the receptionist should not saw the nurse will take your blood pressure. He apologized and corrected the dosage error that was just made when they corrected my record.

The wrong dosage explains why when I did not have a primary I could not get a refill for the medication I’ve been on for almost 15 years. Because they would only give me what was on my medical records and that dosage did not work so I walked around with high blood pressure for months until I convinced her primary after going to several that she should give me the medication I’ve been on.

Drive home now and try not to eat more since I’m already bloated but I’m frustrated to check and I have a sandwich sitting right next to me. Sure would be nice to have someone to talk to him.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Bend Over and Take It

Survival tips for prisoners. Just lay back and enjoy it. Advice for rape victims. Believe something will actually trickle down. Political delusions. This world we live in is controlled by a very small group of people, some call them oligarchs, and they make all the rules. They don't follow them, they don't have to. Unsolicited sales calls are illegal, but they can call or text anyone anytime and you have to pay for it if your phone plan isn't unlimited and they put you over your limit. Some white house lackey can text you anytime through an emergency system you never signed up for. Invading your privacy is what they do. They want to control your lives, your bodies, your choices. Think. Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Trial, We, Animal Farm, It Can't Happen Here not just stories. You think you're not bending over and taking it? Think again.