Wednesday, June 30, 2010

free oil for everyone

free oil for everyone

The 'simple solutions' like hay and straw and other products look great in a small bowl or laboratory, but don't be naive, there's no strainer big enough to scoop millions of tons of soaked straw and hay out of the gulf and even if we somehow had that much hay and straw and a three hundred mile strainer, there's not enough ships in the navy to drag that much weight out of the water... the simple solution was to act swiftly and responsibly, but that was not in BP's interest... and don't look at the government, come on, did you forget katrina and new orleans already?...

government is condemned for over-regulating industry when they do anything before a disaster and then condemned for not cleaning up the mess industry makes after a disaster... responsibility is on the businessmen, their greed did this - and you and me - our dependency on luxuries, oil, and our lifestyles did this... we demand more oil, more energy, more consumer goods, and we don't want to see the costs to the planet nor the risks to ourselves in our blind attempt to have it all...

many people still do not want to see, as the flagging of videos on youtube demonstrates... but the only thing keeping our heads in the sand will do is get us covered in oil, or kicked in our up-in-the-air butts... great nations fall when the people stop caring enough to take responsibility and do the right thing... that's history, and we are living it... and we can only hope enough of us wake up in time to realize what we need to do to save ourselves...

Monday, June 28, 2010


What does the banking "industry" actually produce, I mean, we call it an "industry", right?... is it fair to ask why an "industry" that produces nothing is the most powerful business in the world?... how did we give the people who watch our moneythe power and profit they have?... what if we all just went to work, brought home our money, and kept it... '

Forbes rankings are atrociously obscene morally, ethically, and simply... the only businesses cracking the top 20 are the oil and gas monsters and the people who control how we communicate... oh, there is GE and Wal-Mart... and after these there come the utilities and insurance...

the most corrupt non-productive business, the money managers (banking and insurance) and the survival (utilities, energy, communications) take most of our money and perpetuate the ever growing gap between rich and poor, between those who will survive and those who will die earlier due to inadequate medical care or having to use inferior or dangerous products...

capitalism fails, in the end, as miserably as any other cultural structure for the same reason all others failed, human greed... while the pretentious human facade is love thy neighbor and give peace a chance, the real human remains cut throat, selfish, and ultimately, suicidal...

the human god is not love, the human god is money, power, and propriety...

Friday, June 25, 2010

for anyone paying attention

i would really like to figure out how to get the title centered and all of the reaction choices to show under each post and someday i might, but i explored the new blogger design features long enough for tonight and found no simple way to do either and i don't feel like exploring the html itself to find out if and how it might be done there...

feel free to share your knowledge of how-to if you are out there...

Friday, June 18, 2010

tv commercials

why do those in charge of tv commericals on television think that annoying people will endear their product to consumers... can madison avenue statistically prove that annoying people implants the product name in people's hads and that people are shallow/stupid/manipulatable enough to forget how annoyed they were when they are in a store and see the product that annoyed them?...

i refer to the way tv commercials in the middle of the night are several times louder than the regular programming they interrupt/sponser... so annoying, i want to tear the product up when i see it in the store because, go figure, i don't forget how annoying the commercial was...

maybe i'm just different...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

bright house, not

the screen is grey-black, the phone says the network is busy, the website says my email address is not valid (yet i have plenty of email from them, including confirmation that my bill was auto-paid for this month, so they have no problem taking my money), the chat with support doesn't work, the email support is not responded to (at least not today), and so, i pay $2 a day for tv and it is not working today... i expect a $2 refund, plus time spent due to the broken website, phone service, and my judgment for using their crappy service...

Friday, June 11, 2010


especially people who call themselves friends, but do not actually care enough to be friends, to care about my feelings, or to even keep in touch... people are so disappointing, guess that is why they pretend to care and go through the motions each day to maintain relationships...

and hundreds of thousands of words shared, what comes of the time and energy given to people who throw the words out or bury them somewhere... so why continue?... for the love of words... for the hope of finding a true friend who will make the time spent sharing with all the others worthwhile...

not so much a complaint, but a sigh of acceptance and hope :}

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

political complaints (they are sadly too easy)

this is why politicians, especially old ingrained politicians, scare me


and sometimes leave me speechless... it is not just republicans, though the old republicans do say some of the scariest things and seem to have their heads somewhere so out of touch with actual life that, well, of course the planet will recover, and if humans continue, the planet will make humans extict just like the dinosaurs and every other species that lost touch with natural life and the planet...

that's not a disaster, right, human extinction?...

not for the planet.

further readings:

many colors of the gulf of mexico
don young on the gulf oil spill

who is Don Young, Rep. Alaska?...

When John McCain asked Young to give up money earmarked for Alaska to help the rebuilding effort from Hurricane Katrina, Young replied that Katrina victims "can kiss my ear!"

not just insensitive and out of touch, but criminal...

invest $40,000 in a politician, get $10,000,000 plus in return


The investor was reportedly Daniel Aronoff, son of Arnold Aronoff, who, in 1979, was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to mail fraud in a scheme to sell Florida swampland at an inflated price. His son found another way, politics as usual, to attempt to increase the value of his Florida swampland by buying a politician.

"It's very possible people ought to go to jail," said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, which oversees highway funding.

coconut road

coconut road on abc news
coconut road on cbs news

The worst part of this was that the congressional bill earmarking the ten million dollars did not include this appropriation when it passed the congress and senate. The bill was changed by the Alaskan Representative between the floor of congress and the signing by President Bush. Congress and the Senate never voted to approve the money, Young slipped it in secretly. Does that make President Bush a criminal for signing in the conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers?

what happened after the 2008 call for a federal investigation?

The language requiring the Coconut Road investigation is clear: "Consistent with applicable standards and procedures, the Department of Justice shall review allegations of impropriety regarding item 462 in section 1934(c) of Public Law 109-59 to ascertain if a violation of Federal criminal law has occurred."

republican senator calls for investigation Tom Coburn, Rep, OK
democratic senator calls for investigation

other controversies

Young served on the following congressional committees:

Committee on Natural Resources
Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources
Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife
Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands

Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation
Subcommittee on Highways and Transit
Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment

think progress
don young's voting record from sourcewatch
crew's most corrupt (citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington)
washington post vote database
new york times - does young know what he's voting "no" against?
don young on wikipedia

and on an unrelated political complaint:

when ideology gets in the way of common sense:
let the living suffer to save the unborn?