Saturday, February 22, 2020

Delta Airlines SPAM

At 8:12am on Saturday morning, the hone rings from a local number and being fast asleep, and I foolishly answer. It is a voice with an Indian accept calling from a busy call center (the unmistakable din of call center babble is clearly heard in the background) to tell me that my number won some contest for Delta airlines. I told then to take me off their list and do not call again and hung up. The voice was talking over me, but did not sound recorded. A little while later, I called the number back from my work phone and sure enough, it was a disconnected number.

Delta Airlines should investigate. In fact, instead of paying their executives multi-mullions, corporations should use some of their ridiculously unfair profits to invest in computer software developers that can create programs that can investigate and stop SPAMMERS. To encourage that, Delta Airlines is off my list of airlines to fly. Delta, if you prove to me that you are actively investing in anti-SPAM measures, I'll consider taking you off my banned corporation list.

Not your fault Delta? Too bad, do something about it.

Goodbye, Delta.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Goodbye, Youtube

Youtube has become unwatchable. I suppose to enjoy it, or even use it for research or education, as I used to, I'll have to consider paying for it. If they have even one commercial after paying, as cable does, I'd cancel and not use it again, because there are a lot more ways to get information on the internet than youtube. So Google's greedy business decision lost me. I mean, if they can afford to pay content creators millions of dollars, as they have for years, there is no reason other than greed to charge viewers, or to put ridiculously long commercials in the middle of their content. Commercials a lot longer than the show created this entry, because I came here to write this during the commercials. Just one example. To see a two minute video, seven minutes of commercials played before it.

I had a lot more time to write more, but there really isn't any more to say.

Goodbye, Youtube.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Crap App, CBS (You too, Youtube)

While Google still annoys and leaves a large gap in my writing archive by not fixing the email-post feature, this meaningless complaint returns to the really annoying CBS All Access App for the Amazon Fire Stick (so how much is Amazon responsible for this annoyance as I consider other TV connectors, aye?) that has more shows I don't watch in their supposedly personalized Shows You Watch list that shows I actually watch. So I have to scroll through New Episodes of shows I don't want to see on my screen, already turned off on CBS before I even start watching anything.

Worse than ever! I click on one show and another show, a show CBS continually tries making me watch, starts. So I can't watch the show I want to watch because the CBS app links another show to it's picture. The latest attempt to force viewers to watch shows they don't want to watch. I will not watch another CSB show after the few I watch now are done. I'm done with CBS.

Since I want background sounds today while I write, I switched over to Youtube (where the increased way-too-long and unskippable commercials have me visiting a whole lot less than I used to... I mean, a 30 second commercial is one thing, but a five minute video in the middle of a song list or show has me leaving Youtube for other music services these days, but that's another meaningless complaint about the greed and lack of customer-focused decisions in corporate America... I think the word consumer had a lot to do with the social and economic paradigm shift away from the customer is always right to the manipulative they'll buy anything, so save money on customer service greed philosophy that dominates production, markets, and business today... Customers seemed more personal, important, and respected as individuals than consumers, a term for people viewed more as a group).

Anyway, a great big sarcastic thanks for the crap app CBS, and you too Youtube, as the recent changes suck.

Exploring other services are on my mind every time I turn CBS or Youtube you on.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Google Incompetence?

Google coders for the Blogger website are either incompetent or Google is lying when they claim to be working on a fix. They are not even acknowledging the problem as a known issue. They had an "Email Posts To" feature for many years. It emailed a post to the writer's address when the writer posted a blog entry. It's been "breaking" (or so they claim) regularly over the last few years and it takes them months to fix it, if they even acknowledge it. Maybe they ust want to discontinue the feature and are testing the level of customer dissatisfaction.

Whatever the reason, it sucks. Stop sucking, Google, you're supposed to be better than that.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Planned Obsolescence Sucks

This entry is called Planned Obsolescence Sucks because Planned Obsolescence Sucks. I aim this one at LG, the megalith electronics corporation and practically every APP in the universe, or more specifically, every APP manufacturer that stops making an APP compatible with any TV. So a $1,000 Plasma TV sits in the living from and the Amazon Corporation made it obsolete for Amazon TV. $1,000 spent on a TV not made obsolete for Netflix by the Netflix Corporation.

So LG can blame Netflix and Amazon and Hulu and CBS and whomever else screws them and their product and Amazon and Netflix and Hulu and CSB ad every other greedy Corporation doesn't give a crap, like the old Ma Bell or the current internet providers, because there is no reasonable alternative for the addicts we've become. Much like politics and religion, there are no longer lessers of two evils, but we suckle up to the Corporate trough like the good mindless herd animals we've become. $1,000 dollars down the drain because greedy corporations want to force us to spend more money on more electronic crap that they will make obsolete in a few years, or less.

Human Herder might not be a job title in the Corporate world, but that is what they do. If consumerism is not madness, then we are all mad.

The truth is that consumerism is an addiction that creates poverty and financial hardship, the #1 cause of the break-up of families. The good old USA is so anti-family on every level, it is a crime anyone believes we ever were. Were we? Corporations have taken capitalism and turned it into slavery for you and me. We work ourselves to death just to continually buy the next must-have product running that mouse wheel leaves us little or no time to actually relax and enjoy all the crap we buy. The purchase itself has become the drug. Literally, look up endorphins, adrenaline, brain chemistry and gratification. You're fooling yourself if you believe you are free.

So don't buy LG. And if just for one day, boycott Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Disney, Universal, Sony, Spectrum, ATT, Comcast, Xfinity, Foxcomm, Google, Alphabet, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, and all the slave masters (yes, I know I am on a free Google platform, but are they really any better? For just that one day, turn off your TV, your computer, your phone, and all the other electronic devices you think you can't live without and go out and just once before you die experience life without caving to the addiction, actually live your life, actually talk to someone, actually be a person, not a slave to the planned obsolescence the Corporations want you to be.

That is all.