Saturday, January 4, 2020

Crap App, CBS (You too, Youtube)

While Google still annoys and leaves a large gap in my writing archive by not fixing the email-post feature, this meaningless complaint returns to the really annoying CBS All Access App for the Amazon Fire Stick (so how much is Amazon responsible for this annoyance as I consider other TV connectors, aye?) that has more shows I don't watch in their supposedly personalized Shows You Watch list that shows I actually watch. So I have to scroll through New Episodes of shows I don't want to see on my screen, already turned off on CBS before I even start watching anything.

Worse than ever! I click on one show and another show, a show CBS continually tries making me watch, starts. So I can't watch the show I want to watch because the CBS app links another show to it's picture. The latest attempt to force viewers to watch shows they don't want to watch. I will not watch another CSB show after the few I watch now are done. I'm done with CBS.

Since I want background sounds today while I write, I switched over to Youtube (where the increased way-too-long and unskippable commercials have me visiting a whole lot less than I used to... I mean, a 30 second commercial is one thing, but a five minute video in the middle of a song list or show has me leaving Youtube for other music services these days, but that's another meaningless complaint about the greed and lack of customer-focused decisions in corporate America... I think the word consumer had a lot to do with the social and economic paradigm shift away from the customer is always right to the manipulative they'll buy anything, so save money on customer service greed philosophy that dominates production, markets, and business today... Customers seemed more personal, important, and respected as individuals than consumers, a term for people viewed more as a group).

Anyway, a great big sarcastic thanks for the crap app CBS, and you too Youtube, as the recent changes suck.

Exploring other services are on my mind every time I turn CBS or Youtube you on.

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