Saturday, October 9, 2010

poor service sucks

went to giovanni's for dinner (yum, but the worst witress service we've ever had there as i had to ask for a refill for my drink several times {starting at the appetizer even though the empty glass was sitting right on the end of the table as a reminder} and the refill {one refill... i was considering going to the bar and asking for a drink} finally came at the end of dinner and she had to go find a straw cuz she forgot to bring one and she served another table and returned and forgot the straw... she didn't even acknowledge the poor service... very surprising to have such neglect of service at that place... waited so long for the drink there was no mood for dessert and the worst thing of all was no apology at all as she asked if we wanted dessert or anything else and wished us a good night... clueless waitresses are the bane of dining out and this was after 8pm, so the mad dinner rush was over and the place was 3/4 empty... so there's the first major strike against our favorite neighborhood place), which was a bummer but stopping for dessert elsewhere brought the sweet dining out on my favorite foods mood back...

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