Friday, September 2, 2011

google changes blogger

just marking the milestone for myself and wondering how long i'll gamble my babbling on public servers before i finally move my written gardens to my own server... so i came to see the new google interface and half the features they told me to look for in their google buzz and blogger in draft posts are not visible, so maybe they jumped the gune again (like constantly coaxing me to click on the google+ links when they won't let me in to check google+ out which, naturally, leaves a very bad taste in my mouth about google+ and google in general... ah, i see, you have to be in a certain mode, HTML or Compose (I can't tell which one i'm in because the contrast on the new site really sucks, it's so blandly grey... that's it, i figured out what i do not like most about the new blogger interface... it's the lack of contrast... i'll tell them since they have a feedback button... if they respond, maybe the bad taste will not be so sour... hope they fix that...

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