Sunday, May 20, 2012

facebook, just another multi-national corp

banned again... apparently you must be someone's friend before sending them a friend request, which is an oxymoron (not to mention impossible) and the antithesis of social networking (but that is the last thing facebook is about, really), and i think it is really just because they want to discourage people from being on facebook too much as their servers can get overloaded, especially on weekends... so they say no new friends for you! for 14 days... and no communication with anyone who isn't already my friend {so i can't even thank people for posting inspiring or clever stuff, in other words, i can't even be friendly and respectful with anyone who isn't already on my friends list}... and go figure, i have five more friends now than i had this morning because five people asked to be my friend based on comments i left on my friends walls... it is bug business seldom makes sense except when it comes to their bottom line, the profit)...

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