Wednesday, April 17, 2013

google stats

ok, they are free, the google-blogger blogs and the stats they provide, so this is only a semi-complaint because, after all, we get a whole lot for free from google-blogger and if a feature is not working, well, many free features are... i just want to record my semi-complaint about the google stats on blogger, specifically, the "Don't count my own page views" feature... this is the feedback i sent to google:

The "Don't track your own page views" seems to have a very short term cookie and it is very annoying to have to reset this feature regularly. Even more annoying when it must be done blog by blog for multiple blogs. I know this is free, but the stats lose their meaning if they are constantly reset to count my page views when I do not want my page views counted. Why have the feature at all if it isn't going to stay "on"? So two feature requests:

No expiration date for the cookie that controls "Don't track your own page views"


an "all blogs" feature where a change in settings can be done across all blogs with one change.

Thanks for the free blogs, I hope these suggestions will be considered in your next update.

there are a whole lot of other ways they can improve their stats, like list more than the top ten of everything, but for as much as i use the stats (and as much as they mean to me), this is the one feature i wish they would get right... anyone who makes use of the stats on blogs here, feel free to enlighten me as to how you use them because other than amusement, i don't find much use... thanks and may all our complaints be this light :)

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