Friday, July 18, 2014

the extreme annoyingness of kasperslky

the extreme annoyingness of kaspersky returns once again as for whatever reason it happens, the critical scan is taking forever to complete and it is shutting down the cpu speed to the point where i shut everything down and it is still taking forever to get from 98% to 99% and then, even longer to get to 100%... i try to ignore it, but then, i did want to use my computer tonight... as the third three year subscription moves along, more and more i am searching for a better security anti-virus software... i heard from kaspersky support that they do not have a feature that will not allow these intrusive scans to start while the computer is in use and it does not run in idle or sleep, so it drives me crazy by waiting until i want to use the computer and then starting all it's scans and updates at once so i can't use the computer and it can freeze so hard that it takes ten minutes to get the module open to stop the damn scans... definitely less a kaspersky fan with each passing year...

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