Saturday, November 15, 2014

stupid tv announcers

there are few things more annoying than a sportscaster on a nationally televised game on a major network showing an obvious bias for one of the teams using ridiculous superlatives like just perfect and can't do it any better when one team does well and then ignores when the other team does well... i give you a stupid tv announcer making a fool of himself fawning over alabama as they are basically given every chance to win by a fumbling mississippi state offense that forced it's defense to play an amazing game for three quarters that kept the game close enough to be anybody's game which left the defense gasping in the fourth quarter and they still only lost by 5 points proving the perfection of the other team was not real, but the delusion of a fan disguised as a sportscaster... it doesn't matter to me who wins, but what must be complained about is college football announcers who can be so ridiculously stupid they do not even see their own bias and how it makes listening to a game unappealing... sponsors beware, your products are tainted and avoided after such an experience... you can figure out who i am talking about if you like, it really doesn't matter because i've pretty much wasted my time writing this entry and you, well, you did see the name of this blog before you started reading, didn't you?...

narf :)

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