Monday, April 13, 2015

pro sports

typical of why i do not like nba pro basketketball these days... player scores 54 points and is announted as great, but his team loses... same player gets a technical foul which would mean an automatic suspension for one game which would mean he doesn't play the final game of the season which his team needs to win if they wish to make the playoffs and the news media is talking about the league rescinding the technical foul because they already did that for this same player once before this year... when is smells like cheating and manipulation is is cheating and manipulation and while most of the time there is only some obviously biased calls in games at critical moments, this would be a blatant league decision to overrule a referee in order to help one team make the playoffs... bullshit is not sports, it is theatre, scripted like wrestling... so many things are wrong with the nba, the spoiled multi-millionaire thugs so many players either are or portray themselves as and the culture calls them heros, but the scripting may be the worst of it all... i wonder if all the gamblers get inside trading information...

much cooler to see a 21 year old kid set all kinds of records at the masters or any other sport where critical calls by refs and artibtrary decisions off the court by league officials do not determine outcomes... in a team sport, an individual success means nothing if the team loses except to bring solace to the individual... yet in a team sport where sharing the ball is essential to winning, a player who scores a lot does not help his team win, in fact, he hurts his team and he only helps his ego grow... enter san antonio if you do not understand... the talented players come and go, the great teams endure... this rant was brought to you by the national basketball association... rebroadcast in your own words...

narf :)

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