Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Political Corruption 1 Ethics 0

Almost ten years ago I joined Facebook and at the time, there was a lot of warnings about using "real names" and putting personal information online. So I introduced Bugs Webbot and for all the ensuing years, Bugs made friends and found lots of love here. Suddenly Facebook blocked Bugs and I lost access to thousands of friends, photos, and an online "life" in an instant. I miss Bugs and all those who knew me as Bugs. I wish I would have downloaded all of the names and photos. If you remember Bugs Webbot, let me know. here or here.

I returned from a weekend away and turn on the computer and my account is blocked. No warning at all. No human will respond at FB. They have a "real name" rule and someone reported my account as a fictitious name. Their policy is luck of the draw. If someone reports a possible pseudonym, they block and demand government ID uploaded as proof of identity. If someone does not like you or something you post, they can use this rule to block your account even if you are using your real name. Their rules say I must prove my identity by sending them my driver's licence, passport, birth certificate, social security card, bank statement, court documents, or any number of personal documents.

As if I'd upload any of that anywhere, no less to a "robot" webpage telling me uploading the legal documents is the only way I can access the photos and memories and friends. They apparently never heard of identity theft or hacking at Facebook Security 2016 even though Facebook 2006 emphasized keeping personal information private.

I asked them to identify an individual who would guaranteed my document would be secure. No response.

I was becoming much more active in political and social discussion. I had not made a decision about a candidate and was looking closely at Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein. I joined many Facebook groups to learn about each candidate. I knew little about Sanders or Stein and was ready to support Clinton as she had the best chance of moving the country forward toward a place where people are not starving or going bankrupt from school or medical bills. I started reading things about Clinton and started asking people in her groups what they knew about her.

I was met with insult, ridicule, and anger from Clinton followers.

The Friday before I stepped away from Facebook for a weekend softball tournament out of town I was blocked from a Clinton group without explanation. When I returned after the weekend I was blocked from Facebook. Because of the timing of the FB action to block me coinciding with my being blocked by a specific Clinton FB group by it's Admin, I strongly suspect it was a supporter of the Democrat's golden girl that reported my name to Facebook and triggered FB's automatic block and request for legal ID. Like I might send copies of my legal IDs over the internet to a FB server without even identifying a person responsible for the information at FB. They must want a lawsuit like so many Corporate powers that have gotten too big to serve people as they first intended to.

When the political corruption gets personal it really shows how petty and power mad political people can get. It is not the candidates themselves who go mad with petty control powers, though some may, but the people in the political machines behind them and their supporters seem to throw ethics, decency, courtesy, and humanity out the window. This happens at voting places and especially happens online.

Updated some time later in 2016... The tactic to silence anyone questioning the candidate was a major part of the tactics exposed after the sham of a primary. Reports that people were paid to troll for Clinton online also showed up as the primary season wore on. Lawsuits in many states over voter fraud and election corruption continue to be filed. Wikileaks showed the corruption in the DNC included dirty tricks to block anyone questioning Clinton. This reinforces my belief that a Clinton supporter reported my FB account. Petty unethical power trip wiping out ten years of an online identity, memories, and connections.

I will not support that sort of corrupt mentality.

Bugs Webbot Remembered

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