Sunday, October 16, 2016

Suck-it Microsoft

Please someone give me an alternative to the broken crap Microsoft puts out. Ever since the forced update in Windows 10, I've been getting more and more blue screens of death for a variety of reasons. I have lost work, lost time, and lost patience way too many times and I am totally ready to dump Microsoft. I wish I could say that I will not buy another PC or laptop unless it is a Mac, but currently poverty limits my choices.


Microsoft asks... "What can we do to improve your experience?" and I answered...

Fix Windows 10. Ever since the cumulative upgrade last month I have lost data, work, time, and patience. Windows is costing me time, money, opportunities, and respect. Windows Update says I have the latest update installed. Kaspersky and Defender say there is nothing bad on the computer. I have no new hardware. I use no new software. The only change is your product was updated and now it hurts me. I've never used a Mac in 30 years of computer use but I will not be staying with Windows the next time I need a new computer and if these Blue Screens keep appearing daily (sometimes more often), I will be replacing Microsoft very soon. Nothing but grief.

That was weak.


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