Friday, April 14, 2017


Google is proving once again that it has no concept of developing or serving a community. Note the lack of success of Google Plus. The new Blogger "Dashboard" is no longer a Dashboard. A Dashboard is supposed to provide all the important information a user needs at a glance. The new dashboard provides nothing but a single blog access page. have more than one blog, you have to select from a drop down menu and click a few times. Have more than a few blogs, clicks and scroll. Time consuming inconveniences replaced the useful at-a-glance information.

Ultimately, the most active users are complaining everywhere and Google tells them "Send us feedback" using the "Feedback button" which is insulting because active users know the Feedback Button is the Google Trash Bin. Like MySpace, Google Blogger is losing it's community and perhaps that is their business decision. Perhaps they do not want to continue paying for the server space to house the active bloggers. That seems to be the way of the big internet companies.

So I blog less. I look for other blog platforms. That appears to be what Google wants.

I used to respect Google.

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