Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bad Umpires

Umpires are supposed o maintain order on the field, make consistent and correct judgment calls, and insure rules are followed. We played six games in a Tampa Softball Tournament and none of the umpires knew rules well, for four of six games they made inconsistent calls, and luckily in our games no one took it seriously to get heated, but I heard in one game...

an umpire called the batter in the on deck circle out because the batter at bat cursed. Not the proper rule and an abuse of power. The tournament director stated that and told the umpire to not come back the second day, but the player sat on the bench for the rest of the game.

In our games, none of the umpires knew the rule for courtesy fouls. A rule basic to the game of softball. I pitched a called strike, the batter swung at the next two pitches and they went foul. The rulebook says the batter is out. Before pitching the next pitch, I asked the umpire if they changed the courtesy foul rules or strike count for the tournament because by ordinary rules, the batter the batter should be called out. The Umpire said he did not know but I should pitch the ball. The batter hit the ball and due to a few errors, two runs scored. We lost the game by one run. Afterward the Umpire said he made a mistake. Too late.

In another game a batter had a foul tip after a swinging strike and he was called out. Again I asked if they changed the rules for courtesy fouls and the umpire said no. I explained the rule and the umpire said the ball did not touch the bat. The other teach said it did, the other umpire on the field said it did, the call was not changed. Batter out.

A runner ran into a catcher who was straddling he third base line two feet off home plate. The catcher dropped the ball. The umpire called the running our for running into the catcher. We asked why it was not called runner obstruction and the Umpire said because the runner should have slip. So I clarified by asking if is saying a runner who breaks a catcher's ankle would be called safe, but a runner who has to go two feet past a catcher to touch home plate is out? The umpire just said it was not obstruction and the runner is out.

Another umpire used the same rule to call runners out as second base. After the game the Tournament Director agreed that sliding into a fielder's's legs is not right and the umpire should not use a sliding safe, no sliding out rule. Also, we got confirmation that if a fielder straddles the line and obstructs a runner's path, the runner should be called safe. Most recreations tournaments and leagues institute that rule to prevent injuries.

There were a lot more complaints and they asked two Umpires not to return for the Sunday session, but it was too late for a lot of teams and the tournament because the seedings were set Saturday morning and the tournament started Saturday afternoon. It was the worst collection of Umpires we ever had at a tournament. Tampa, you blew it for most of us.

They got their money, think they care?

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