Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Google Blogger Crap Management

After months of not getting notifications about comments for any of my blogs I discover after searching through hundreds of messages on the blogger forum that I have to send hours going to each blog, clicking many times to delete my email address and then re-enter my email address to reset the request to receive email notification when comments are left and when posts are uploaded. Ridiculous time-sucking demand because blogger uploaded new code, or maybe they just want to discourage people from blogging or having multiple blogs.

Then today I find an email that says...

It’s been a while. We wanted to confirm that you still want to receive email notifications whenever new posts are posted to the blogs listed below.

Please click the Maintain Subscription link next to the blog name to continue receiving new email notifications from that blog. If you don’t want those email notifications for that blog, you may simply click the Decline link.

A while?... It's been two months since I clicked on all those clicks to reset the notifications and they want me to click on all the blogs again. Bullshit. They just want to discourage people from using blogger. I wonder if Google is going to pull the plug on Blogger the way many other plugs were pulled on free blog sites and free web pages in the past.

So I clicked on every one of my blogs again to reset the request for notifications again.

Never mind that I blog in many of the blogs daily.

It's been a while.


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