Saturday, December 22, 2018

Advice for Microsoft (Remember Ma Bell)

Maybe Microsoft should stop acting like our computer belongs to Microsoft and start asking us before they do anything on computers they do not own.

We've come to accept that Microsoft does what it pleases on our computers, updates when it wants to, checks our settings and hardware, changes our settings and who knows what else after updates. We have come to accept Microsoft as a computer god-like entity that does what it wants with our property without even letting us know. Especially when the computer lags for no apparent reason.

That paradigm leaves many very suspicious, frustrated, or angry with Microsoft.

Microsoft, like Ma Bell and other monopolies, doesn't seem to care.

Remember what happened to Ma Bell?

If you are too young to remember, Ma Bell was ATT, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and every other phone company around today until the government stepped in and said no more.

Microsoft should learn from history. Respect customers and their property. That's good business.

So why all the background activity on computers?

Whatever the reasons, respect the people who own the property you are playing with. Explain what you are doing. Ask permission. Then perhaps we will respect and want to use Microsoft, rather than just tolerating it because we can't afford Apple or can't figure out Linux or just don't realize we actually own the computer Microsoft is using without our knowledge or permission.

I appreciate the free tech support you provide in recent years.

I'd appreciate your respect on my computer even more.

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