Friday, June 15, 2012

dey was robbed

okc, that is... too many times the prima donnas on miami get away with fouls that effect the score and it is a shame that the favoritism and bias toward superstars is so blatant... with two points down and 12 seconds to go labron james hacks kevin durant so obviously a blind person would have heard it and called the foul, but three refs miss it and the shot does not go in and instead of shooting two foul shots with a chance to tie at home, the game is over and miami is given a gift...


it doesn't matter that miami appeared to dominate the game, that okc was shooting poorly and miami was on fire and had huge leads all game... there were 12 seconds left and it was a 2 point game and one player clearly fouled another player who was going to tie the game... so the serious is still 1-0 in my book with the refs taking one game... the game gets cheaper and more meaningless with every critical last 30 second blown call... and i don't want to hear how challenging it is to be a ref, hire more if three are not enough to get the calls right - with the price of tickets and the millions in tv revenue, they can surely afford enough officials to get the calls right, especially at the end of close games... so is it a deliberate attempt to influence who wins by the nba front office or are the refs corrupt or just incompetent?... either way, it is irresponsible to let bad calls decide championship games...

yeah, i know this is meaningless compared to the stupidity of the injustice and oppressive society explored in the previous entry, but still, these are meaningless complaints after all...

UPDATED 6/18/12
Labron elbowed Harden three times in the last 30 seconds, obvious offensive fouls, and the ref called a foul on Harden giving Miami game three... don't just take my word for it... that makes it:


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