Tuesday, August 21, 2012

brighthouse sucks, again

once again, in the middle of a program i am watching, the cable box is resetting on it's own... so i will miss ten or more minutes of the program i wanted to watch thanks to brighthouse sucks... they should just add the suck to their name... or put fail in their smiley face logo... i really do not want the horrible brighthouse service statistics i started keeping while waiting for service repairs to dominate this blog, in fact, i really don't want to be inspired to come to this blog in the first place, but i find that coming here and venting my immediate complaint, however meaningless, helps me deal with the frustration and anger i feel when my life and entertainment is interrupted or stopped by a corporate decision like right now... and it passes the time while i am waiting for the brighthouse service to return... i suppose it is just way too difficult (or simply a level of customer service that brighthouse does not wish to provide) to have a pop up on the screen ask me if this would be a good time to reboot the box or upgrade the software... especially since it also messes with my expensive plasma tv and the remote synch that is yet another frequent complaint... remotes could be so much more functional...

so the cable box is rebooting and the tv lost it's signal and is confused and thinks there was a power outage or hack attempt or virus or something as it went into emergency shut down mode... a smart tv knows when an unexpected shut down and signal change occurs, just like a computer does... but based on the poor service and products, it does not seem that the brighthouse people or software are up to speed with the latest tech... so the box is stuck on L-8 and has been since i started writing this comment... i mean, if the reboot reset upgrade or whatever is happening only took a minute, it would not be such a frustrating forget watching what you wanted to watch experience and probably wouldn't bring me to seek the distraction and venting of this complaint, but the box takes forever to do whatever it is doing without my consent... pathetic customer service...

almost any decent reliable software has a setting to "ask me before uploading updates" and "ask me before rebooting"... even microsoft in their all-powerful we-can-do-anything mindset finally understood that customer service... but not brighthouse...

not very bright, these people who make the big decisions at brighthouse...

and then of course when the box finally is rebooted, it defaults to off so i must turn it on which turns off the tv so i must get the tv remote to turn on the tv and of course the box returns to the start-up channel which comes on without sound as usual, just one more brighthouse fail i am ridiculously learning to live with... how much longer is getting shorter with each meaningless complaint (so maybe they are not as meaningless as they appear, aye?)...

and now i press the remote button to go to the next channel and i get a black screen partially burning into my plasma screen because it is a partial black screen and the box wants me to "please wait"... as if i have not waited enough...

no, i am not ready to spend a few hours and set up more appointments to try to fix things again... brighthouse wasted a lot of my time this year (and tonight( and giving them even more time just seems like getting screwed further... maybe next month...

UPDATE 3am = no, once was not enough tonight, another brighthouse interruption of service long enough to bring me here happens to ruin yet another hour of my viewing, that's three hours tonight of wasting my time paying for brighouse crappy service that is not providing what my contract says it will provide... and now the box decided to reboot yet again after another upgrade of some sort... so this is ridiculous... so yet another call to tech support to find out why my cable box is repeatingly rebooting tonight... one reboot ruining my viewing experience over two hours is not enough, another ruining a third show had to be done...

no warning, no prompt asking if this is a good time to shut down my tv enjoyment... just interrupt the shows and shut off the box after rebooting forcing me to deal with the crappy remote and the resetting of the sound because the box doesn't work right when it is turned on and resetting my tv and re-finding the channel i was watching... rub my nose in how crappy the brighthouse service really is...

it's ok, i can miss the first or last fifteen minutes of shows and still enjoy them... and adding insult to injury, the first thing i see is that bullshit brighthouse tv commercial... days are numbered for brighthouse getting my money if this keeps up...


  1. Hello,

    My name is Gary Doda and I am the Online Forums Manager for Bright House Networks. Please contact me at BHNtechXpert@mybrighthouse.com or reach out to me in our direct support forums at https://secure.dslreports.com/forum/bhousedirect
    and I will assist in gettint this resolved immediately. Thank you.

    1. all the kings horses and all the kings men can't fix it, so I know your full of s**t. good by (not my) friend.

    2. you are full of chit "not-so-bright-louse", get lost

    3. you promise one service to entice then screw us with an inferior service.
      U suck

  2. found this message in the 'waiting to be moderated" page and i should appreciate it, but it's reached a point where i am accepting being a dissatisfied customer and not wasting my time trying to talk about fixing the problems because i am tired of wasting my time with hours on the phone and waiting for house visits...

    eventually i will contact one of the brighthouse techs with a little more hope that the issues can be actually fixed, but for now, i'll just update the service tracking stats i put in the previous entry (which went down two in recent weeks)...

    i do appreciate the fact that there is a process at brighthouse to search the web for customer venting and complaints that produce comments like this one above...

  3. amusing sarcasm from a brighthouse csr or a competitor... or perhaps just a friend saying hello... either way, amusing...

    brighthouse, on the other hand, is worse than ever... i don;'t watch enough tv to care, except that they raised the rates which may have me cancelling... they are just so wrong...

  4. my cable box runs at 110 degrees f. Its not so great for wacthing tv ( it never works ) but it does keep my coffee hot.

  5. bright house sucks so fucking bad! I get a "please wait" message about 3 times a day and when this message is displayed it stops the program I am watching.

  6. that "please wait..." message has increased a lot since the most recent upgrade... so have delays (up to 10-15 seconds) in coming on and switching channels... frequently the tv is waying for a signal so long it says "no signal" just while waiting for the box to switch on or change the channel... the sound still doesn't always come on when turning on the box... definite decrease in quality and reliability in recent weeks since the upgrades... i suspect the industry (hardware/boxes and software) is just keeping up with the HD level of technology (and HD should have been replaced more than a decade ago, but planned obsolescence keeps it and the recycled boxes around)... most people have forgotten what quality products and service looks/feels like... sad...

  7. I'm sitting here AGAIN waiting for the re boot to finish....SO THE DAMN "PLEASE WAIT " message will go away at least until tomorrow. This happens every day. The "tech " at Brighthouse told me it was because of "picture in picture "........Only I don't have that feature on my tv......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. it is the cheap equipment... an honest brighthouse technician will admit that any customer that wants better service needs to buy their own hardware because brighthouse hardware is cheap and unreliable...

  9. Candoor you just described my Brighthouse experience to a tee...well said! Exactly what I have been going through for well over a year now. 90% of the HD channels say not available, please try again later. How about I pay my bill later?!!! Or maybe not at all .. kind of like my cable works.
    I have been a customer for over 15 years and it used to be great .. but the last 2 years have been hell. Customer service is a nightmare.. you tell these people you just reset the box 3 times before the call and its like they're deaf or don't believe you because they make you do it over and over again, only to then try to schedule a tech for a line test. We tell them we have been line tested 2 times already and still they try to schedule... Its a waste of my time and the techs time and nothing ever gets resolved.

    The internet was even more of a nightmare.. 2 different sales calls for the lightning speed both resulted in our box resetting over and over trying to upgrade to lightning .. which we told them NO to. Each time our internet was down for four hours or more.. it was like extortion.. we had to finally upgrade so they would stop taking our internet down. .. only problem is .. it goes down more now than ever before ..and we only get 90 if we're at an Orlando site! The worst part is, my husband has to have the internet to keep 911 centers up, its his job. If our internet goes down without warning it could cost lives. They never let us know its going down for maintenance and they deny they are doing maintenance in our area even though we go offline at exactly 4am and are back up exactly at 9am.. sounds like a scheduled event to me.

    We are just so frustrated with the whole experience .. not to mention the frustrating message that pops up asking it we would like to keep viewing this channel.. and if you don't get to the remote in time it turns the TV off! We pay to watch any damn channel we want.. if its on that channel ,, don't ask if we want to watch it!!!

    They need to change that message to read .. "Do you want to continue being ripped off and abused by Brighthouse ?"

    Mad in Melbourne

    1. i pay $130 a month now for turbo with home network and hd basic with a dvr and it's better than it was, but still seems way too much for glitchy equipment that provides a mediocre customer experience... unfortunately, the alternatives have even more issues, the primary one being the reduction of speed... the cost is ridiculous and i bet their profit margin rises every year (want to really open your books without fancy accounting specialists, brighthouse?)... top bh techs who are honest admit that the best routers bh offers are mediocre and they recommend buying a better one for better internet wifi... the cable boxes are pitifully inadequate...

      the technology is their biggest downfall because they don't want to invest in better hardware because it becomes obsolete so fast that they would have to accept much lower profits to have more satisfied customers... rare is the corporation willing to do that and brighthouse sure it not one...

      our choices are sadly minimal in corporate america where profit rules... more and more i choose to just turn off the tv and sooner or later i just may return to having no cable... i recall i went out a lot more and didn't miss it...

  10. Here just outside Marion County Indiana in Hancock County, we unfortunately also have Bright House in a triple play. So, besides having our STB reboot seemingly randomly during prime time, we also get to have our HSI and telephone service dropped too. They give no warnings. They pull this maintenance crap all the time. The new firmware gets pushed into the STB and the guide gets messed up, and forget about your recordings, they are all going to be trashed. Emergency phone call from your elderly mother? Sorry, that call won't get to you, because we decided to reboot everything again tonight. Want to tell them about it? Hang on the phone 15 minutes and you might get to talk to someone. They will want you to unplug your STB, and then they will tell you that your house wiring is the problem.


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