Tuesday, May 27, 2014

don't trust target

For many years I spent many thousands of dollars a year at Target, Almost ten years ago I disputed an amount under $100 for an online purchase at a third party website and told Target I withdraw all authorization for that merchant to charge anything to my Target Card.. Target not only did not assist with that dispute, they allowed two more charges from that merchant after I told Target I no longer authorize use of the card for that merchant. I cancelled the card and yet another charge was authorized by Target from that same merchant the day after I cancelled the card.

The total charge I disputed for the multiple unauthorized charges that Target allowed was under $100. That was almost 10 years ago. Yes, ten years ago I wrote to Target Corporate and spent many hours talking to Target on the phone in an attempt to resolve their authorization errors and they did nothing. After a year or so of ignoring my letters and telephone requests for dispute resolution, I heard nothing so I assumed Target wrote off the charge and on principle, I accepted that.

The reason I am writing this review is I am now seeing a $500 amount listed as going into default in 2013 from another company for that same Target disputed charge, Target sold that debt almost ten years after they refused to settle the dispute. So I now have one default charge on my record that is more than 5 times the original unauthorized charge and worst of all, dated 2013 as if the original default was not ten years before.

So Target allowed unauthorized charges, refused to address their errors, and now due to their mismanagement dropped my credit score under 700.

My advise to you is never trust Target credit card management.

If you really feel they will not mismanage your account, then at least never use your Target card anywhere but the Target store. I urge you to be wise and cancel your Target Card.

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