Tuesday, February 3, 2015

brighthouse does it again

the on-going saga of horrible brighthouse service continues and continues and continues... i am sitting here watching a movie and suddenly a screen comes on telling me that my set box is downloading new software and twenty minutes later the box is still rebooting and i have no signal and the movie i was watching, who gives a fuck, right friend?... i can see a saturday night live or radio program sketch of a drunk guy calling brighthouse during one of these episodes of blatant disrespect for a customer demanding to know what happened at the end of the movie, but showing up at the brighthouse offices with a shit bomb is more to my liking at the moment as i wasted time again trusting brighthouse to provide the service i pay $130+ a month for... so i wrote them this billing issue complaint:

I was watching a movie and you decided to pull the plug by downloading software in the middle of the movie. I want credit for today deducted from my bill. I pay about $4 a day. Friends do not turn off friends TVs in the middle of a movie.

and it gets worse, as usual... the cable box is now in an error loop and has been for a couple of hours... so i called to set up a service call and it's been an hour with three cut-offs and my friends at brighthouse are still too busy to help provide the service they cut off with their failed attempt to upgrade in the middle of my movie... so once again i am working for brighthouse fixing their crap equipment and crap service because they interrupted their service... after two hours i hung up the phone as they apparently screwed up so many customers tonight they have no 24 hours support reps available... brighthouse has to be one of the most poorly run companies anywhere...

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