Monday, November 28, 2016

CBSN - No Credibility

So I am sitting here minding my own business adoring myself and appreciating my free time (or is that languishing?... well, maybe lambasting a bit, at least) when Jackson texts a wonderfully cheerfully positive good morning and then asks if I heard about the Ohio State shooting. Since I care about her and want to know what might be upsetting her, I turned on the news (online CBS live news, cuz that is all I have). I find the headlines blaring with scared reporters shouting scary words about terror and mass shootings all over the news headlines and I listen to the analysis of past mass shootings and terrorist attacks. Sick propaganda, not news.

Then I hear a student interviewed stating emphatically that he was across the street from the incident and heard no shots, rather saw a car drive on to the sidewalk into a crowd of people and then saw the driver get out with a knife at which time he left. Hours went by with the news blaring terror and shooting reports. Fiver hours later the "homeland security" reporter with very sketchy information citing past reports of "incidents in Ohio" is still tensely claiming this was a "Lone Wolf Terrorist" attack and keep repeating the trigger words "lone wolf terrorist" ... "active shooter" ... "possible accomplice" ... ISIS ... "Al-Quaeda" ... in paranoid rants even as he and other reporters state it is "too early to tell" what the truth is in the same breath.

CBSN lost all credibility with me today.

I finally turned it off after they continued to hype the ISIS terrorist angle an hour after the actual facts of the incident were clear and no actual ties other than the driver's Nationality (Somali) were known. Don't let investigators with gacts tell us the truth. skew everything and report on scary theories and call it news. Call it CNS News. Ultimately, this type of paranoid scare-mongering news reporting is inciting more terrorist than ISIS or any other terror group. Suddenly millions of people are hearing about the "ISIS call for terror attacks." You think some mentally unstable Muslims are not hearing the report and getting ideas?

So I wrote this meaningless complaint to CBS.

You are the terrorists. You are the propagandists. Will you please stop selling the terrorist propaganda scare-mongers paranoid fantasies calling is "news." It leads to more fear, hate, and war and you chose that path. First you say it is a terrorist shooter. Then you say it is a lone wolf terrorist. Neither was proven while you sound the trumpets. You are encouraging the terror by creating this nightmare fantasy that has no proof at this time. This could have been a drunk Michigan football fan reacting to the overtime loss just as easily as anything else. Why not go off on that ridiculous tangent? Sick mentality at CBS News making this an extended "terror" broadcast. Sell your commercial time to someone else, you lost all credibility with any rational viewer.

Meanwhile, in other news on the same station and website, the self-proclaimed white supremist kid who killed 9 black people in a Charleston Church is not labelled "terrorist" or even "shooter" as his story is being reported side by side with the "Ohio State Shooter." Note the Ohio State idiot never had a gun, shot no one, killed no one, and we have no real knowledge of why he drove his car into a crowd. Even more importantly, note that we are not comparing the injuries or even the incidents here, we are comparing the headlines and the news spin that the United States media is putting on each story.

Propaganda is reporting uncertain facts as truth or ignoring certain facts to highlight certain aspects of a story. The discussion about the Justin Beiber look-alike killer in Charleston revolves around the legal process because he wants to defend himself in court. Ties to the radical hate groups he himself claims to be part of and the fact that he and those groups live right here and kill based on their hatred is omitted from the reporting. The discussion of the unidentified driver who drove into a crowd of people and exited the car swinging a butcher knife is about "Lone Wolf Terrorists" inspired by Somalian ties to radical terrorist organizations.

Ignore the bias and you are thinking like a racist.

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