Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Democrat Party Harassment

They just woke me again. Four calls today so far. Twenty five calls this week. More than fifty calls in the past month. Almost as many texts. There is no way in the world I would vote for anyone in a Party that uses such harassment tactics. This is the worst SPAM phone campaign I have ever experienced from any business or organization. The Democrats have made it personal and at this moment I am so pissed off at the harassment phone calls and texts I hope they lose every election on every level. I know that will likely be a disaster for this country to have an all-one-party government, but the Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, have not made it personal harassment.

I answer unknown number calls because I am looking for a job. Every time an unknown number call comes in, my emotions peak, my adrenaline rushes, and I prepare for a job interview conversation. These repeated political sales calls are having physical and psychological toll and disrupting my job search. Unwanted sales calls are what they are even though the FTC does not consider political calls sales calls. As I said and emphasize, the Democrats have made this personal for me.

Let's clear up any prejudice you have about my personal or political interest. I am an Independent who has leaned Democrat since Kennedy was in office. I am, on the political scale, Liberal in many views but firmly agree with Conservatives on some points. I do not blindly give my vote to any Party, cause, or flag waving politician.

I make that point particularly loudly because it would be too easy for a Republican to see me as an ally after reading this and it would be too easy for a Democrat to write me off as a Republican shill (the words Democrats use to dismiss and discredit any legitimate question, criticism, or complaint).

I called the telephone number on the Democrat Party page 917-444-5915. The person at the other end was rude and cut me off, not accepting my complaint and trying to sell me on voting for the Democrat. She then hung up on me when I asked who I can call to stop being called. Yes, the Official National Democrat Voter Help Line run by the Democratic National Committee hung up on me for asking them to stop making multiple daily phone calls and texts on my cell phone.

So I've started doing some research instead if continuing to try to find a job today. I found this article that says you can report unwanted political texts by calling or texting this number: 1-832-Election . The article also has other ideas and information that might be helpful. The bad news is that the government will not protect you from unwanted political calls. Here is a response I found online for Colorado:

6-1-903, C.R.S. Definitions

(10)(a) "Telephone solicitation" means any voice, telefacsimile, graphic imaging, or data communication, including text messaging communication over a telephone line or through a wireless telephone for the purpose of encouraging the purchase or rental of, or investment in, property, goods, or services.

(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection (10), "telephone solicitation" does not include communications:

(V) Made for the sole purpose of urging support for or opposition to a political candidate or ballot issue; or

(VI) Made for the sole purpose of conducting political polls or soliciting the expression of opinions, ideas, or votes. In addition to the political phone calls, there is an increase in the volume of political literature sent through the mail.

Unfortunately, there is no complaint or removal process established for these types of calls and mailings. You can contact your county clerk and request that your phone number be removed from your voter registration information, but this provides no guarantee that your phone number will not be obtained from other sources.

There is an app for that, sort of. Citizens For Civil Discourse started a great idea, a National Political Do Not Call list, but that may be a scam in itself as it was discontinued and now directs you to download a free app. Are any apps truly free? The creator of the National Political Do Not Call List points out that corrupt politicians will not pass a law that stops them from soliciting money from you, so once again the likelihood of government protection from their abuses will not come from government.

I filed a complaint with the FCC and with the State of Florida and against the DNC (202-863-2500) since they called me and I called the DNC back directly to file a formal complaint. I would hope they could put me on a Do Not Call list that would cover the dozens of numbers calling in their name. If not, they just prove how incompetent they are - or how corrupt they are - or both. Not anyone I want to trust with my government.

If the calls stop then perhaps I will respect the Democrats, but they will not have the chance to show me they are not incompetent or corrupt until the next election so they have four years of being on my shit list.

The fact that the harassing calls and texts continued to escalate even after I spent time and energy asking each caller to stop calling and take me off their list, then called the the people in charge and formally complained to Party headquarters repeating my request to stop the calls, and finally called the telephone number on the Democrat Party Website offering help for voters that lead me to a rude woman who cut me off and then hung up on me for asking them not to call me anymore means, for this voter at least, that I will likely not vote for a Democrat for the next four years.

You reap what you sow, Democrats.

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