Sunday, December 17, 2017

When Is 100% not 100%?

When Microsoft says so. The Microsoft Corporations is by far and away the most annoyingly intrusive organization I've ever encountered. They are computer Nazis. The will destory at will, kill at their own whim, and leave one no recourse but to turn to Apple. They are Apple's best promoter.

So I am in the middle of writing the epic answer to life, the universe, and everything and the laptop freezes. It never did that before. A complete freeze. The mouse, the keyboard, frozen. No way to save, close anything, nothing. Alt-Ctrl-Delete does not work. Nothing.

I press the power button, hold it, and shut down the laptop in the worst way possible.

I press the power button again and the laptop boots up with the swirling balls and the message

Working on updates
100% complete
Don't turn off your computer"

Freaking fracking fucking flipping MICROSOFT!

How long will the most annoying company in the universe prevent me from using my property this time?

Did Microsoft SAVE MY WORK before they took over MY computer?

What the fuck does 100% Complete mean to these idiots? 100% complete and yet "Don't turn off your computer"

Don't turn off your computer because we are not through fucking with you yet is more like it.

I turned off my computer.

And turned it back on again only to see the same fucking screen.

Working on updates
100% complete
Don't turn off your computer"

I turned off my computer and kept the power button pressed down longer.

The Lenovo screen came on and then...

Getting Windows ready
Don't turn off your computer

What the fuck?


We couldn't complete the updates
Undoing the changes
Don't turn off your computer"

what about

Working on updates
100% complete
Don't turn off your computer"

What am I not understanding about 100% complete?

At least they were wise enough to put some failsafe in their code that undid the crap they tried to do when it failed miserably.

At least Google Chrome restored all the pages I had open when Microsoft complete took over my property and shut my computer down.

At least I had another computer to save the work I had been working on because it was "in the cloud."

But as long as Microsoft owns the operating system on your computer, it is NOT YOUR COMPUTER.

That is !00% true.


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