Saturday, January 20, 2018

Microsoft Geniuses Do It Again

I bought these laptops, LEnovo 100S and Lenovo 110S, with Windows 10 pre-installed. Over and over again, Windows 10 shuts me out of my property, yhis computer I am supposed to own, because it chooses to update when t wants to, not when it is convenient for me. Lately, the problem is incapacitating both of the laptops I bought and paid for. I am writing Lenovo to ask for a refund because they sold me a product that Microsoft will not let me use. The same old bullshit is Microsoft's response. Jump through these dozen hoops and if that doesn't work, we'll show you a few dozen more hoops you can jump through instead of doing what you want to do with your computer.

The challenge Microsoft created is quite simple. There is not enough space on the inexpensive ultra portable Solid State Drive laptops, notepads, chromebooks, and so on for Windows 10 to update the latest update. The update just loops over and over using system resources and obstructing use of the computers, ultimately warning "you can't install the latest security updates." They require more Gigabytes of memory than there is available on the small solid state drive machines.

I am so tired of searching for solutions to the latest "Windows Update."

It is time for a Mac.

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