Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Death of Microsoft - and Lenovo

It will not stop. Every time I turn on the computer I bought and paid for. Every few hours when I am using it. Interrupting my train of thought, my work, my entertainment. The blue screen of Microsoft demanding I install their Windows 10 update comes on telling me I must make room for it. The SSD does not have room for it because Microsoft Windows 10 and other Microsoft products take up so much space, there is no room for it's update. I click hide and the Microsoft Update invader pops up with more messages telling me the computer cannot be updated. It doesn't end though. The interruption and stupidity continues many times a daily.

This is the end of my relationship with Microsoft because Microsoft will not allow me to use the computer I paid for. I would sue Microsoft if I had the time and means, but I don't, which is why I have a cheap computer that does not have enough room to install the damn update. Microsoft obviously does not care.

Neither does Lenovo. I called their tech support, still under warranty, and ask what they would do to make the product they sold me with the software they chose usable not that the hardware they put into the product they sold is no longer able to handle the software they chose and they said it is not their problem. I told them Microsoft made it Lenovo's problem and their brand will suffer for nt standing up and taking responsibility for their choices. They assured me when I bought the computer that it could handle the OS they chose to put on it. They lied. Lenovo can not be trusted any more than Microsoft.

So I am disabling Windows Update and cutting the umbilical cord. This will be the last machine I buy with a Windows OS. Which likely means this is the last Lenovo product I buy. I will avoid everything Windows from now on. The Microsoft invasion is over.

The daily blog said so...

Yes, MS killed Lenovo and every other company making small computers by giving them Windows 10 and then within the warranty period, making those small computers obsolete. So I turned off Windows Updates. So I will no longer consider this computer secure. So I need another computer for anything other than blogging. I want to save up for an Apple, but that might be a while. I will hope Kaspersky continues to protect my personal information in spite of the lack of Windows updates. Except for my years with Atari ST1040 in pre-PC days, I've known no other OS since Win3.1 and it is sad, but finally time to leave MS behind.


Goodbye Microsoft.

Goodbye Lenovo.

Hello Apple.

Hello Linex

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