Saturday, May 19, 2018

Yoko Bashing

Yoko bashers baffle me. How could you love John Lennon and not love Yoko Ono. She was his life, she was everything to him, and she saved his live. He said so more than once. A love and devotion like theirs comes along very rarely and even more rarely is it sustained in the harsh spotlight of fame. They endured some of the harshest critics of any artists partly because they spoke out against the mad human obsession with war, perhaps better than anyone ever did, at a time when people were being killed for speaking out for peace. Together they were an amazing force for good. They took the Beatles to a new much more serious height. Compare John's lyrics before and after their union.

Think about this -

Would you speak about Yoko as you do in front of John?

If you answer yes, then you do not truly love and respect John or his deepest feelings.

Maybe you should listen to this song again.

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