Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Message to Google & Blogger

Since the 25th... still. I don't have time to read every reply in the forum, I read a few dozen. I am another user who does not receive my blog entry by email anymore. Nor do I receive comment notifications so communication has broken down and the blogging experience, to use a technical term, sucks. People using Blogger for business must be losing money. Someone must have done something to stop these email features on or around May 25th. You must log any changes you make to your code, so how about explaining. Is this a change you intended and did not want to announce because it might cause some negative feedback or is it just a low priority bug inadvertently created on or about the 25th of May?

Ok, in another thread here I find Blogger is tweaking the email system. In yet another thread there was discussion of a bug. Something obviously happened right around May 25th and since them, no email comment notifications, no copies of blogs sent by email, and no new post notifications. I think a fair question now is - is Google cutting costs by cutting out email notifications as silently as possible (will Blogger itself suddenly disappear as so many free blog platforms have in the past?) - or is every hand and finger at Google Blogger working so hard there's no one left to provide an update. It's a friendly poke. A "known bug blog" or "work-in-progress" or "We Interrupt Your Blogging For This Brief Announcement" message or blog would really be helpful.


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