Tuesday, December 22, 2009

irresponsible adults

adults love to call kids irresponsible, but to see how dangerously (and criminally) irresponsible adults are, just turn on the news... i try to avoid the news, but tonight, a kid goes to the bathroom after school and when he comes out, his school bus has already pulled away... his sisters tell the bus driver, who reportedly tells them he can't turn the bus around... the kid tells a crossing guard as he's starting the five mile walk home along busy roads without sidewalks, and the crossing guard does nothing... the news asks the school representative who was responsible for the safety of the children on and leaving school property, and there's no one named responsible... so the kid is picked up by his father somewhere along the wroad on the way home after his sisters got home and told their father what happened...

i detest the ambulance chasing legal system we've got in this country, but in this case, someone on the school board should be fired for not having the right answer when questioned and someone at the school should be fired for putting that child at risk... if the kid had disappeared and become one of the many missing children in this country, would there be more concern?...

check the milk cartons, probably not..

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