Saturday, December 19, 2009

death, human view

fear of death has long plagued the human psyche, diminishing potential of even the most powerful human minds and along with other fears, may be the root cause for all that ails the human from war to disease to depression to divorce to whatever ails you... excuse me if i laugh at the serious morbidity of the human perspective, but it is how i see it when i am not sad for the limits people place on their own minds, imagination, perception, and understanding... anything is possible, so it is possible that all human fears are valid and all the worst nightmares told by boogiemen and religions and scientists and soothsayers may come true someday and i say, so what... why let any of it interfere with the experience of this moment in it's full potential?... no reason that makes sense to me not to, so i hope you do... if you don't want to (or believe you can't) overcome your fears and want to further the discussion of death and possible futures, here's biocentrism, which looks a lot like egocentrism to me, but then, i am not considered one of the leading scientists in the world... narf...

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