Tuesday, March 6, 2012

rush limbaugh wants to watch amateur porn?

no seriously, rush limpaw said what?... apparently rush limbaugh used his radio pulpit to call a woman who had the audacity to testify before congress a slut, yes he called her a slut... is that libel or slander?... howard stern said nappy head and what an uproar that caused... but rush didn't stop there, he went on to and demand she video tape herself having sex post them online so he and everyone can watch...

what kind of sleezebag is that guy?...

but then, he never had even a touch of class which is why they threw him off television years ago... he panders to the base hatred and ignorance in humanity and unfortunately, he proves there is still much of it out there and sadly, they seem to identify themselves as republicans... i would think republicans with any intelligence would not stand for such ignorance and personal insult, but then, perhaps that is the true nature defining republicans... i hope that can be proven wrong as they do make up about half of the usa...

These are the companies that pay Rush to insult women and pander for porn. If you give these comapnies money, then you are paying Rush too:


Allstate Insurance

Constant Contact

Financial Providence Group

First Option Lending

Global Builder – Restoration


Hillsdale College

Income At Home.com

Lear Capital


Winning Our Future – Super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich

Robert Steinberg, Esq (Texas)

WOW Cable

I know I will be avoiding these companies, meaningless as that might be to them... freedom of speech is one thing, but I don't have to pay for a prejudiced porn freak's fetishes to be broadcast nationally... no wonder the USA is becoming a laughing stock and losing respect in this world, why should the world respect us when we don't respect ourselves or each other...

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