Tuesday, May 21, 2013

espn, the sports soap opera station

espn dropped the ball... the concept and even the content was great for a while and some of it is still good, but sports center has turned into sports soap opera and maybe, as they claim, "that's what fans want" but not me and not anyone with a true love of the games... maybe wrestling fans want scripted drama, soap opera and reality tv fans apparently do... but sports fans, real sports fans?... i don't think so... maybe couch potato fans who never played a competitive sport want the hyped-up drama or something other than a well played game (and those are few and far between in recent years, but that's another story as much about players as the media)... sports fans are watching, first and foremost, for the love of the skill and art of the sport... espn has become as ridiculously distracted by fake drama as fox and the rest of the media... they've gone the way of mtv, who puts fake drama (reality tv) ahead of music for a long time now... mtv lost their primary audience, music lovers... espn is on the way toward the same end...

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