Wednesday, May 22, 2013

wtf facebook?

after midnight i hear my phone and wonder who is texting me after midnight... few friends stay up this late and they are welcome to call or text anytime and any meaningful messages are almost always welcome, but facebook corporate SPAMMING is not... it's a text from facebook corporate, a PUSH message (corporate-speak for SPAM), an automatic text from facebook telling me my friends have updated their statuses something like 1600 times this week and urging me to update my status by responding to the text... what the fuck, facebook?... i have text messages turned off after midnight, did facebook change my preferences without asking me?... facebook has my password so it can control my account, but as with every site, i trust facebook not to manipulate my account for any purposes... not being on facebook for a week or two and not posting a status for a few weeks appears to give facebook the gall to SPAM me after midnight... that better not continue... so i posted a status update basically telling them this is the text message status update you requested: fuck off facebook... i reset my notification times again and changed my password and found out that i need to install the facebook app on my phone... i don't want the facebook app on my phone... so i caught up on my notifications in fifteen minutes and that'll be enough facebook for me for today... dang commercial corporations spoil everything in this consumer addicted culture...

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