Sunday, May 26, 2013

htc inspires this one

the phone, HTC Inspire, continues to be annoying by having a very short battery life (compared to others with other brand phones) and it seems to be in part due to the fact that there are more than a dozen apps (most i do not use ever and have not even activated) constantly turning themselves on... i have Advanced Task Killer and every time i open is it shows apps running... i can kill all the apps and close the phone and open it fifteen seconds later and there are a half dozen or more apps running... within two minutes more than a dozen are running again... this not only reduces battery life but makes it a longer charging process... the most annoying thing is i not only have not activated most of the apps, but i cannot delete the apps from the phone... so whether through deliberate corporate decisions to SPAM other corporate apps (like facebook, youtube, blockbuster, and various news and social media apps {adobe, asphalt 5, blockbuster, facebook, gmail, live tv, mail, news, news & weather, stocks, teeter, youtube - i never use on the phone and many others i rarely use and never show up on the "frequent" screen and are not apps i downloaded and have a greyed out delete button, so why should they be running and draining battery if i am not using them?)

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