Friday, July 12, 2013

myspace no more

If it is true, that myspace simply destroyed years of blogging by dedicated myspace users, then myspace has no clue how to run an online community and no business trying. A business model that betrays the trust of those who use the site is bound to fail.

yes, as if the same mistakes just have to be made by every new web entrepreneur, myspace did it again... apparently without any warning to users (but after spending $20 million dollars to publicize the change somewhere somehow that most users apparently missed), myspace completely revamped their site and in doing so, wiped out years of lives that millions of myspace users put on the old site... people and families who trusted myspace with photos albums and memories and communications and writings and art on myspace were blown away to find everything simply gone and a message, if they asked for help, that said much will not be back... after weeks of complaints they realized that wiping out years of people's lives was not a good business move and they posted a message that the complaints were solved, but not solved was my reply... and this guy is pissed...

then, in my continuing effort to help save the world, i wrote this to the person who wrote, more than two weeks ago, that they are "working on it"...

The question becomes - so what are you working on?

A content export feature, I hope. An online community that invites people to set up a web home and upload much personal information, creativity, and communication earns a trust from users. Suddenly barring access to all that personal history is a betrayal of that trust.

For an online community to have any chance of success, user trust must be a fundamental component of your business model. Lost trust is very challenging for any company to get back. Every day you wait, you lose more community trust and online credibility.

If you don't want blogs or personal user storage space on your site, fine. Just give users who spent years uploading their lives in blogs, photos, videos, and other media the opportunity to save those blogs and data on their personal computers.

Then do your best to earn back the trust you lost.

so far, they have not replied...

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