Friday, July 26, 2013

national do not call list

the national do not call list is in place to stop unwanted telephone solicitations and annoying calls and has worked great for me for years, but the last could of days i've gotten a few calls from just outside of atlanta (athens, ga) that left no message and so i filed the following complaint with the do not call list so they can add the numbers to their database.

Caller ID: 7068051470 July 24, 2013 at 12:06 PM. The caller left no message. Another call came from this exchange (7068051481) the following day (July 25 at 11:23 AM) and left no message. A third call came from an 866 number (8665935477) at 8:24 that evening (July 25). I know no one in the area of the exchange (Athens, GA). I called the first number back and listened to a recording that said if I wanted to be taken off their call list I should press 1. I pressed 1. The calls continued. I know Brighthouse and ATT both have call centers in the neighboring 404 area code and I use their services, but I've never experienced hang-up calls from either of them. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

We shall see if the calls stop. It might be ATT or Brighthouse or even some other company I contract with that has regional offices near Atlanta, but not leaving a message is annoying and they should know better if they are supposed to be providing me with courteous service.

If you get unwanted calls and have not registered your number with the the national do not call list, i suggest you do.


  1. I've been registered on the list for over a year and I get 3-5 spam calls a day. I think being on the list is meaningless

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