Thursday, June 22, 2017

Google, Chrome, Blogger, and People in General.

Well, the entry this would have been epic in a much more meaningful blog than this one was deleted by google and blogger because I right clicked on a link in history to copy it and Chrome opened another a page in this window and blogger did not save this entry. So much was revealed and I was so happy with the writing, I am just sick about that. Worse, I just opened the same history page by left clicking on it in a new tab and Google's Chrome opened it in a new window, leaving the new tab intact. Fuck google and blogger for doing it. How counter intuitive is that?. Left click, open link. Right click, open menu. Anyway, Chrome just lost a lot of points and next time I come to the computer I will probably choose another browser. We shall never see what was, so all we can do is move on.

So wherever we were, we continue doing whatever we might have come here to do.

I have changed a lot over the years. A decade or few ago, definitely as a younger person, this blog would be a whole lot more amusing than it is. This world has been quite disappointing, all in all. Not that I came into it expecting anything, but I had so much hope. I don't tolerate pretense well at all and this world, in the form of people, is full of it (and people too). I am finally coming to terms with it the changes. I no longer see the glass of people (as in humanity) as half full. I see a drain of our own making and we are rapidly (in epoch time) swirling down it.

I'd say Have a Nice Day but even the sarcasm of pretense is losing it's elasticity.

I wish you peace, really I do.

I just don't think you really want it.