Saturday, December 21, 2019

Google Incompetence?

Google coders for the Blogger website are either incompetent or Google is lying when they claim to be working on a fix. They are not even acknowledging the problem as a known issue. They had an "Email Posts To" feature for many years. It emailed a post to the writer's address when the writer posted a blog entry. It's been "breaking" (or so they claim) regularly over the last few years and it takes them months to fix it, if they even acknowledge it. Maybe they ust want to discontinue the feature and are testing the level of customer dissatisfaction.

Whatever the reason, it sucks. Stop sucking, Google, you're supposed to be better than that.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Planned Obsolescence Sucks

This entry is called Planned Obsolescence Sucks because Planned Obsolescence Sucks. I aim this one at LG, the megalith electronics corporation and practically every APP in the universe, or more specifically, every APP manufacturer that stops making an APP compatible with any TV. So a $1,000 Plasma TV sits in the living from and the Amazon Corporation made it obsolete for Amazon TV. $1,000 spent on a TV not made obsolete for Netflix by the Netflix Corporation.

So LG can blame Netflix and Amazon and Hulu and CBS and whomever else screws them and their product and Amazon and Netflix and Hulu and CSB ad every other greedy Corporation doesn't give a crap, like the old Ma Bell or the current internet providers, because there is no reasonable alternative for the addicts we've become. Much like politics and religion, there are no longer lessers of two evils, but we suckle up to the Corporate trough like the good mindless herd animals we've become. $1,000 dollars down the drain because greedy corporations want to force us to spend more money on more electronic crap that they will make obsolete in a few years, or less.

Human Herder might not be a job title in the Corporate world, but that is what they do. If consumerism is not madness, then we are all mad.

The truth is that consumerism is an addiction that creates poverty and financial hardship, the #1 cause of the break-up of families. The good old USA is so anti-family on every level, it is a crime anyone believes we ever were. Were we? Corporations have taken capitalism and turned it into slavery for you and me. We work ourselves to death just to continually buy the next must-have product running that mouse wheel leaves us little or no time to actually relax and enjoy all the crap we buy. The purchase itself has become the drug. Literally, look up endorphins, adrenaline, brain chemistry and gratification. You're fooling yourself if you believe you are free.

So don't buy LG. And if just for one day, boycott Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Disney, Universal, Sony, Spectrum, ATT, Comcast, Xfinity, Foxcomm, Google, Alphabet, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, and all the slave masters (yes, I know I am on a free Google platform, but are they really any better? For just that one day, turn off your TV, your computer, your phone, and all the other electronic devices you think you can't live without and go out and just once before you die experience life without caving to the addiction, actually live your life, actually talk to someone, actually be a person, not a slave to the planned obsolescence the Corporations want you to be.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

CBS Sucks

I pay for CBS All Access and the App sucks. It is constantly forcing programming on to my screen that I do not want to watch. What is most irritating is that it keeps putting shows I do not want to watch first on my "Shows You Watch" list so I have to search for shows I actually do want to watch. There is no way to wipe the memory or reset the app at my end, but it is constantly wiping it's own memory of the shows I've watched so I wind up turning on shows I've already seem over and over. Terrible coding creating an unpleasant experience for the viewer. I rarely open the CBS App and come closer and closer to just deleting it and cancelling the subscription every time I do.

The crappy App may be influencing my enjoyment of shows I used to like, but Instinct is losing me. Overacting and poor casting is doing it. More and more, these people do not look like the tough athletic cops they portray. The actors are less believable in each episode. The life-death tension is forced. Way too much make-up and camera framing for fashion and head shots, not enough realism. See what happens when you have a crappy App that forces me to watch shows I've seen before - or worse, spoils the experience by forcing me to turn off shows I do not want to watch. Repeatedly.

Not a question, advice.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dammit Apple

I was just about asleep ad the fucking phone woke me and the computer up. Apparently when I downloaded the latest operating system, 13, it automatically invaded my computer and turned on iCloud and the computer has been automatically popping up with the iCloud windows asking me to log in. Apple is now officially as bad as Microsoft. Maybe worse. The computer has been working, after all, so the update invasion stopped. Who knows what else they are accessing and controlling without my permission. Damn corporations own the world and want to own us.

My next phone may be an Android again.

No Narf!

Monday, February 25, 2019

It Can Happen Here

Or anywhere.

I don't have time to list them all, or even begin to list them all, but the list of popular website, services, and social networks that are now defunct because they did not pay attention to what their users wanted or they simply took the money and ran.

People made lives on the web, creative sharing, personal sharing, all sorts of interests and poof, they were wiped out as if a tsunami hit and left nothing.

AOL Hometown
Google Sites
Tripod Homepages
Comparison of free web hosting services
Web 1.0

Facebook... Blogger... are you listening?