Wednesday, September 25, 2019

CBS Sucks

I pay for CBS All Access and the App sucks. It is constantly forcing programming on to my screen that I do not want to watch. What is most irritating is that it keeps putting shows I do not want to watch first on my "Shows You Watch" list so I have to search for shows I actually do want to watch. There is no way to wipe the memory or reset the app at my end, but it is constantly wiping it's own memory of the shows I've watched so I wind up turning on shows I've already seem over and over. Terrible coding creating an unpleasant experience for the viewer. I rarely open the CBS App and come closer and closer to just deleting it and cancelling the subscription every time I do.

The crappy App may be influencing my enjoyment of shows I used to like, but Instinct is losing me. Overacting and poor casting is doing it. More and more, these people do not look like the tough athletic cops they portray. The actors are less believable in each episode. The life-death tension is forced. Way too much make-up and camera framing for fashion and head shots, not enough realism. See what happens when you have a crappy App that forces me to watch shows I've seen before - or worse, spoils the experience by forcing me to turn off shows I do not want to watch. Repeatedly.

Not a question, advice.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dammit Apple

I was just about asleep ad the fucking phone woke me and the computer up. Apparently when I downloaded the latest operating system, 13, it automatically invaded my computer and turned on iCloud and the computer has been automatically popping up with the iCloud windows asking me to log in. Apple is now officially as bad as Microsoft. Maybe worse. The computer has been working, after all, so the update invasion stopped. Who knows what else they are accessing and controlling without my permission. Damn corporations own the world and want to own us.

My next phone may be an Android again.

No Narf!

Monday, February 25, 2019

It Can Happen Here

Or anywhere.

I don't have time to list them all, or even begin to list them all, but the list of popular website, services, and social networks that are now defunct because they did not pay attention to what their users wanted or they simply took the money and ran.

People made lives on the web, creative sharing, personal sharing, all sorts of interests and poof, they were wiped out as if a tsunami hit and left nothing.

AOL Hometown
Google Sites
Tripod Homepages
Comparison of free web hosting services
Web 1.0

Facebook... Blogger... are you listening?

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Advice for Microsoft (Remember Ma Bell)

Maybe Microsoft should stop acting like our computer belongs to Microsoft and start asking us before they do anything on computers they do not own.

We've come to accept that Microsoft does what it pleases on our computers, updates when it wants to, checks our settings and hardware, changes our settings and who knows what else after updates. We have come to accept Microsoft as a computer god-like entity that does what it wants with our property without even letting us know. Especially when the computer lags for no apparent reason.

That paradigm leaves many very suspicious, frustrated, or angry with Microsoft.

Microsoft, like Ma Bell and other monopolies, doesn't seem to care.

Remember what happened to Ma Bell?

If you are too young to remember, Ma Bell was ATT, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and every other phone company around today until the government stepped in and said no more.

Microsoft should learn from history. Respect customers and their property. That's good business.

So why all the background activity on computers?

Whatever the reasons, respect the people who own the property you are playing with. Explain what you are doing. Ask permission. Then perhaps we will respect and want to use Microsoft, rather than just tolerating it because we can't afford Apple or can't figure out Linux or just don't realize we actually own the computer Microsoft is using without our knowledge or permission.

I appreciate the free tech support you provide in recent years.

I'd appreciate your respect on my computer even more.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Dailymail Sucks

So I wandered Twitter and Facebook over the weekend and on one of those I found a video so wonderfully positive it brought happy tears to my eyes and I felt it was something to share on my Hope For Us All Facebook Page so I did. Facebook is threatening my account now because The Daily Mail filed a complaint and blocked the video and said I infringed on their copyright. Thought there was a message near the very end for a second or two that said "Did that really happen?" Dailymail, nowhere in the video was a copyright notice. A site called "viralhog" was printed in the upper corner of the video and was on the screen longer than the momentary message from dailymail. No other identification was on the video anywhere.

What a bummer, Scrooge, The Grinch, and Dailymail. At least two of them found their hearts.