Friday, April 14, 2017


Google is proving once again that it has no concept of developing or serving a community. Note the lack of success of Google Plus. The new Blogger "Dashboard" is no longer a Dashboard. A Dashboard is supposed to provide all the important information a user needs at a glance. The new dashboard provides nothing but a single blog access page. have more than one blog, you have to select from a drop down menu and click a few times. Have more than a few blogs, clicks and scroll. Time consuming inconveniences replaced the useful at-a-glance information.

Ultimately, the most active users are complaining everywhere and Google tells them "Send us feedback" using the "Feedback button" which is insulting because active users know the Feedback Button is the Google Trash Bin. Like MySpace, Google Blogger is losing it's community and perhaps that is their business decision. Perhaps they do not want to continue paying for the server space to house the active bloggers. That seems to be the way of the big internet companies.

So I blog less. I look for other blog platforms. That appears to be what Google wants.

I used to respect Google.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Anti-Blogging Blog Site

I am realizing that I am not blogging nearly as much as I used to since Google Blogger changed the dashboard landing page to default to a single blog with the only access to other blogs by an alphabetical drop down menu. That removes any semblance of the concept of "dashboard" and eliminates the second most attractive and the single most useful aspect of the Google Blogger website. Easy single click access to multiple blogs.

I am looking for another blog platform and welcome suggestions.

Monday, November 28, 2016

CBSN - No Credibility

So I am sitting here minding my own business adoring myself and appreciating my free time (or is that languishing?... well, maybe lambasting a bit, at least) when Jackson texts a wonderfully cheerfully positive good morning and then asks if I heard about the Ohio State shooting. Since I care about her and want to know what might be upsetting her, I turned on the news (online CBS live news, cuz that is all I have). I find the headlines blaring with scared reporters shouting scary words about terror and mass shootings all over the news headlines and I listen to the analysis of past mass shootings and terrorist attacks. Sick propaganda, not news.

Then I hear a student interviewed stating emphatically that he was across the street from the incident and heard no shots, rather saw a car drive on to the sidewalk into a crowd of people and then saw the driver get out with a knife at which time he left. Hours went by with the news blaring terror and shooting reports. Fiver hours later the "homeland security" reporter with very sketchy information citing past reports of "incidents in Ohio" is still tensely claiming this was a "Lone Wolf Terrorist" attack and keep repeating the trigger words "lone wolf terrorist" ... "active shooter" ... "possible accomplice" ... ISIS ... "Al-Quaeda" ... in paranoid rants even as he and other reporters state it is "too early to tell" what the truth is in the same breath.

CBSN lost all credibility with me today.

I finally turned it off after they continued to hype the ISIS terrorist angle an hour after the actual facts of the incident were clear and no actual ties other than the driver's Nationality (Somali) were known. Don't let investigators with gacts tell us the truth. skew everything and report on scary theories and call it news. Call it CNS News. Ultimately, this type of paranoid scare-mongering news reporting is inciting more terrorist than ISIS or any other terror group. Suddenly millions of people are hearing about the "ISIS call for terror attacks." You think some mentally unstable Muslims are not hearing the report and getting ideas?

So I wrote this meaningless complaint to CBS.

You are the terrorists. You are the propagandists. Will you please stop selling the terrorist propaganda scare-mongers paranoid fantasies calling is "news." It leads to more fear, hate, and war and you chose that path. First you say it is a terrorist shooter. Then you say it is a lone wolf terrorist. Neither was proven while you sound the trumpets. You are encouraging the terror by creating this nightmare fantasy that has no proof at this time. This could have been a drunk Michigan football fan reacting to the overtime loss just as easily as anything else. Why not go off on that ridiculous tangent? Sick mentality at CBS News making this an extended "terror" broadcast. Sell your commercial time to someone else, you lost all credibility with any rational viewer.

Meanwhile, in other news on the same station and website, the self-proclaimed white supremist kid who killed 9 black people in a Charleston Church is not labelled "terrorist" or even "shooter" as his story is being reported side by side with the "Ohio State Shooter." Note the Ohio State idiot never had a gun, shot no one, killed no one, and we have no real knowledge of why he drove his car into a crowd. Even more importantly, note that we are not comparing the injuries or even the incidents here, we are comparing the headlines and the news spin that the United States media is putting on each story.

Propaganda is reporting uncertain facts as truth or ignoring certain facts to highlight certain aspects of a story. The discussion about the Justin Beiber look-alike killer in Charleston revolves around the legal process because he wants to defend himself in court. Ties to the radical hate groups he himself claims to be part of and the fact that he and those groups live right here and kill based on their hatred is omitted from the reporting. The discussion of the unidentified driver who drove into a crowd of people and exited the car swinging a butcher knife is about "Lone Wolf Terrorists" inspired by Somalian ties to radical terrorist organizations.

Ignore the bias and you are thinking like a racist.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Head Case

As in, head cold case. That's me. With a serious head cold blooming in this body (and bursting from the sinuses) and also the fact that I have been in a high-mold environment for almost four weeks now and spent a lot more time in this environment in the past week than I had in the previous three weeks and the heating unit was turned on for the firt time since last year, I did a little mold allergy research and I am not liking the similarities between common cold/flu symptomes and mold toxicity. I definitely have seven of the symptoms on the list and can easily claim at least twelve without stretching parameters too far. Not good news.

So I reviewed sites that suggest what can cause high mold environments and what can be done about it (I believe I did this before when I moved into Curly's storage room place... unfortunately, the visible and olfactory mold is much more visceral and present here... photos prior to my Tilex treatment of the bathroom may folow?) and this is a summary of one of the reviews.

Eliminate sources of dampness in basements, such as pipe leaks or groundwater seepage. No basement, damp concrete floor in bathroom closet
Use a dehumidifier in any area of your home that smells musty or damp. Keep your humidity levels below 50 percent. Remember to clean the collection bucket and condensation coils regularly. Not available. No measure of humidity, but high. Florida without A/C.
Use an air conditioner, and consider installing central air conditioning with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter attachment. The HEPA filter can trap mold spores from outdoor air before they're circulated inside your home. No air conditioner for more than three years.
Change filters on your furnace and air conditioners regularly. Have forced air heating ducts inspected and, if necessary, cleaned. Heating filter/ducts may be mold infested.
Be sure all bathrooms are properly ventilated, and run the ventilation fan during a shower or bath and immediately after to dry the air. If you don't have a ventilation fan, open a window or door while you're showering or bathing. No ventilation in bathrooms. Mold is most obvious there.
Don't carpet bathrooms and basements. Carpets are at least 20 years old in bedrooms.
Promote groundwater drainage away from your house by removing leaves and vegetation from around the foundation and cleaning out rain gutters frequently. Old growth vegetation surrounds the house on all sides.
Keep organic plant containers clean and dry, such as those made of straw, wicker or hemp. Without A/C for 3+ years, moisture is everywhere.
Toss or recycle old books and newspapers. If left in damp places, such as basements, they can quickly become moldy. The house is a library of old books, papers, and cardboard. Walls are lined with very old maps.

Yeah, so it is not a positive outlook (why else would we be in meaningless complaints, after all). There are a lot of mold guides on the web. Some give me the feeling they were writen by hypocondriac shut-ins afraid of breathing. You can do a lot of things to mitigate mold risk, it all depends on how much you want to do.

Other than the mold, I really like it here. The home owner roommate is a really good person and friend and also very intelligent and kind and generous and offers an amazingly high level of positivity for a human. The area is central to most of my activities and safe and quiet. I am doing some serious cleaning (and insect treatment) where I can and the reaction is appreciation, which is good, but the mold growth is likely deep in the walls and beyond non-professional remedy. It might be beyond professional remedy. I am concerned for my friend's health as he says he has a chronic cough and has heavy bouts of sneezing which are signs of mold allergy.

I will continue cleaning, treating high mold areas, and bonding and as the comfort level increases bring up concerns.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Bah Humbug

"Thank you." Sometimes just "You Too." Those are my usual responses when someone says "Happy Thanksgiving" to me.

I celebrate the concept of appreciation, of thankfulness. There is too little of it in my personal life these days, but I celebrate whatever little there is and treasure the people who give it for it is the elixir of hope for humanity which is ebbing at an all-time low in me these days. I celebrate any and all appreciation in this world every day. This particular holiday brings me to reflect a little "too much" (hence, here we are in meaningless complaints, aye?) for most people - so prepare for some of my perspective on the unfortunate realities for a few paragraphs. :}

Thanksgiving is not a holiday I celebrate personally, at least not how most people do. I offer surface respect when I decided to go to someone's dinner invitation which I do some years, but it is not a holiday I like because it reminds me of history. One of the most tragic atrocities humankind ever committed was the virtual destruction of many cultures in this "new world" Europeans that named the Americas. Pretending it was a celebratory feast by Pilgrims and Indians can ruin my appetite. The Pilgrims were not the worst of the white men who came to this land, but the holiday represents the coming of the white man to this land as something to celebrate and be thankful for.

That level of denial of reality just does not work for me.

One more aspect of this holiday that turns me off is the same thing about most holidays (don't get me started on Christmas, aye?) which is the gross commercialization and wasteful extravagances. A family in this country alone throws more food into the garbage on this single day of the year than some whole villages in some countries will eat in a week or more. The worst aspect of our current culture is the response to that fact of if you don't like it, leave" that putting this reality out there often elicits.

The fact that many stores open at 6PM, dinner time, and many people move their "Thanksgiving Feast" up to early afternoon (or skip it completely) just to be able to to push and fight for "bargains" is disgusting consumerism in a world desperate for some rational ecological actions, simple fairness, and human decency. "Life's not fair" say the greedy. Only because they choose to be greedy. One of those deadly sins they preach about as they pick your pocket.

Then there's the obesity rate in this country that disgusts me on more than one level and this holiday epitomizes the vulgar waste of wealth and careless disregard for others and this world that only a immature suicidal species would perpetuate, no less celebrate. I don't believe in fat shaming, but I am equally opposed to fat excusing and even more opposed to fat celebrating. BBW is a sick denial of facts even more prevalent than climate denials.

So all this and more is what you invite into your feast if you invite me to a Thanksgiving Dinner at your house. It is amazing I get so many invites, I suppose. I respectfully turned down four or five this year alone. Ungrateful bum that I am, no doubt.

Food for thought.