Friday, July 26, 2013

national do not call list

the national do not call list is in place to stop unwanted telephone solicitations and annoying calls and has worked great for me for years, but the last could of days i've gotten a few calls from just outside of atlanta (athens, ga) that left no message and so i filed the following complaint with the do not call list so they can add the numbers to their database.

Caller ID: 7068051470 July 24, 2013 at 12:06 PM. The caller left no message. Another call came from this exchange (7068051481) the following day (July 25 at 11:23 AM) and left no message. A third call came from an 866 number (8665935477) at 8:24 that evening (July 25). I know no one in the area of the exchange (Athens, GA). I called the first number back and listened to a recording that said if I wanted to be taken off their call list I should press 1. I pressed 1. The calls continued. I know Brighthouse and ATT both have call centers in the neighboring 404 area code and I use their services, but I've never experienced hang-up calls from either of them. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

We shall see if the calls stop. It might be ATT or Brighthouse or even some other company I contract with that has regional offices near Atlanta, but not leaving a message is annoying and they should know better if they are supposed to be providing me with courteous service.

If you get unwanted calls and have not registered your number with the the national do not call list, i suggest you do.

Friday, July 12, 2013

myspace no more

If it is true, that myspace simply destroyed years of blogging by dedicated myspace users, then myspace has no clue how to run an online community and no business trying. A business model that betrays the trust of those who use the site is bound to fail.

yes, as if the same mistakes just have to be made by every new web entrepreneur, myspace did it again... apparently without any warning to users (but after spending $20 million dollars to publicize the change somewhere somehow that most users apparently missed), myspace completely revamped their site and in doing so, wiped out years of lives that millions of myspace users put on the old site... people and families who trusted myspace with photos albums and memories and communications and writings and art on myspace were blown away to find everything simply gone and a message, if they asked for help, that said much will not be back... after weeks of complaints they realized that wiping out years of people's lives was not a good business move and they posted a message that the complaints were solved, but not solved was my reply... and this guy is pissed...

then, in my continuing effort to help save the world, i wrote this to the person who wrote, more than two weeks ago, that they are "working on it"...

The question becomes - so what are you working on?

A content export feature, I hope. An online community that invites people to set up a web home and upload much personal information, creativity, and communication earns a trust from users. Suddenly barring access to all that personal history is a betrayal of that trust.

For an online community to have any chance of success, user trust must be a fundamental component of your business model. Lost trust is very challenging for any company to get back. Every day you wait, you lose more community trust and online credibility.

If you don't want blogs or personal user storage space on your site, fine. Just give users who spent years uploading their lives in blogs, photos, videos, and other media the opportunity to save those blogs and data on their personal computers.

Then do your best to earn back the trust you lost.

so far, they have not replied...

Monday, July 8, 2013

brighthouse issues, yet again

ever since i was upgraded to the 30mb turbo and new router, i experience intermittent internet more often that i did with the old router... especially when i am uploading blog entries to blogger... and i wondered if it was blogger because new non-specific error messages started popping up on blogger, but i am now wondering it is is yet another brighthouse equipment or service issue because it is also effecting email and streaming video... what makes that more certain is the connection itself intermittently loses internet and goes local and a minute or so later it finds the internet again...

the last time i got new equipment from brighthouse, i had to have service people out here to change equipment three or four times before they got it right... and ultimately they had to boost their signal so it would not be as intermittent as it was, so my guess is they don't give good equipment or signal unless a customer complains enough... at least that's been my experience with brighthouse... i guess that's what brighthouse calls being a friend...


we know that complaining about a corporation is futile, after all, just look at the name of this blog... but in case you have some time to waste or are just curious about how bad brighthouse serive gets, here are some of the meaningless complaints inspired by brighthouse...

brighthouse, not
brighthouse disrespect
the continuing saga of brighthouse suckage
cable services
brighthouse sucks, chapter whatever
brighthouse sucks again
brighthouse service, not
not brighthouse
cable and internet search
brighthouse continues to suck
waiting for a brighthouse connection
brighthouse is amazing
brighthouse shut me down again
brighthouse does it again
brighthouse is ridiculous
brighthouse, wow
brighthouse "service"
another brighthouse folly

brighthouse roadrunner broadband turbo internet (updated 7/8/13, back down again):
working near perfectly
working adequately
not working properly
not working at all
5% of the time
25% of the time
65% of the time
5% of the time
no problems
slow downs
intermittent connection, reboot
requires a call to tech support or repair visit

brighthouse digital hd cable tv (table updated 7/8/13, a bit better):
working perfectly
working adequately
not working properly
not working at all
0% of the time

20% of the time

75% of the time

5% of the time

no problems

delays, box/channels reset occasionally, software does not adjust aspect ratio and picture size automatically
sound does not go on at start (this is 80% of the time), picture doesn't come on until channel is changed
box/channel resets randomly or other issue requires reboot, call to tech support, or visit