Saturday, August 11, 2018

Don't Get Me Wrong

Or do, I might not care, unless it matters, in which case you don't matter unless we share and you ask for an explanation, because if we share and you do not ask for an explanation and get me wrong, tht' on you and I'm not going to help you with that unless you want me to. Get it?

More specifically, and nothing really to do with the first paragraph, but everything to do with this next thought, don't get me wrong, Microsoft still sucks, but this entry is randomly generated, sort of, by an impulsive looking into Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management because the low memory warnings continue in spite of supposedly live tech help from MS that supposedly turned off Windows Update Assistant and Windows Update. I no longer get the messages that update can't install on a daily basis, but I routinely get critical low memory messages that precede freezes or lock-ups if I don't close programs and/or reboot. I run clean-up daily and less than 10 MB is "cleaned", usually. More than 3 GB of disk space is still taken up by MS Update files in spite of update supposedly being off and my telling the computer to delete them. So I went searching through the 81 running tasks in Task Manager today.

Not surprisingly, I found Windows Update and Windows Update assistant enabled along with several other tasks in those two folders, so I disabled the folder, but could not disable each task individually. Apparently I don't have access or permission to control my own property. There are laws protecting property, but the rich get away with breaking laws all the time.

I've tried disabling these update services before and there are ways Windows continues to reactivate them. I had help from Microsoft to go into the registry to disable updates on one of my computers, but I forgot the registry instructions (it was phone support from MS after a dozen emails and complaints. The service call was escalated twice and I let the Tier III tech remote into my computer and foolishly did not tell him I wanted step by step instructions so I could repeat the process on other computers). Geniuses?. I continued searching the Administrative Tools and found a few more places to disable services (81 run in the background, like why?

The problem I ran into was ta few key services came up with error messages that said I do not have rights to disable those Microsoft services. So some administrator at Microsoft has higher rights on my computer than I do. So that may be why the Tier III tech was rushing through and did not want to explain much. Microsoft owns your computer if you accept Windows on your computer.

They don't explain what these services do. They don't give me rights to the services. They don't fix the services when they break down and cause me hardship and prevent me from using their services or the property I paid for.

So how is this different than a utility company not fixing the pipes or wires that bring their services to my home? I see this as proof they produce an inferior product and provide unusable service. Lenovo chose Microsoft on this computer they sold me, so I blame Lenovo even more. They deny any responsibility for Microsoft products. Like the water company denying responsibility for faulty or broken pipes.

So if this is not proof that Microsoft gets away with breaking the law by stealing rights to my property, feel free to correct me. I'd love to learn how to use my computer and stop Microsoft from constantly interrupting my work.