Monday, December 3, 2012

sub-par subs

The following is most of an email I decided to send at my roommate's suggestion to Firehouse Subs after a recent unappetizing experience.

I have eaten Firehouse subs for years, usually once a week or so. I've had them all and until today was usually satisfied, often delighted. Recently I've noticed the meat subs are skimping on meats. Tonight (Sunday about 7PM) we went into our nearby store (gave them the location) and bought four subs for a group and the subs were extremely disappointing. The place ran out of turkey, which eliminated half the choices on the menu, so maybe the problem was low inventory, but poor quality was a factor as well. I noticed one employee look at his watch as he saw a line of about ten people forming behind us as we waited for him to come to the register. He did not look happy to see customers. My disappointment was in the quality of the food.

The pastrami was so fatty, we threw it out. A first. We could not tell if there was cheese on the sub or not because it was so fatty.

I've never seen so little meat on the New York Steamer and the sub fell apart when picked up as if the bread was stale. Again, it appeared they forgot the cheese.

The Italian was ham, no other meats. Again, less meat and cheese than the usual. The bread was not as fresh as we were used to.

The meatball was not the usual quality, but was the best of the subs we purchased. The bread was not as fresh as we were used to.

I have never written to Firehouse before and probably should have sent some positive feedback over the years because a few years ago I was very pleased and even surprised with the quality and amount of meat on your subs. Firehouse was one of the few places I would buy pastrami because of the quality. The subs always were abundant with meat and the bread was always fresh. In the last year or two I've noticed the gradual shrinkage in meats, less fresh bread, and reduction in quality.

Firehouse has gone from the no-doubt first choice for subs to just one of the sub places I choose. Tonight hit a surprising new low and I will likely not return to this particular Firehouse.

I would like a few honest answers.

- Have economic factors compelled a company-wide reduction in the amount of meat and freshness of bread or was I simply unwise to go to a Firehouse on a Sunday evening?

- When do Firehouse stores get delivery of fresh meats and breads?

- Has there been a change in the pastrami product over the past year or few that I simply did not notice until tonight?

I appreciate your time and hope for honest answers, not sales pitches. I am not complaining as much as I am seeking knowledge. I will most likely buy Firehouse subs again as there are other locations a bit further away from my home, though the closer sub places will likely see an increase in my business when I am in a hurry or simply do not want to drive further. You did not lose customers tonight, you lost some automatic expectation of quality and some sales.

If I get a response, I will try to remember to share it here. If the response comes quickly, I likely will. I am sad as Firehouse was our favorite sub place in the area, but I suppose it is time to explore the others.

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