Thursday, October 3, 2013

brighthouse, surprise! (sarcasm)

wel, just when you think the service at Brighthouse hit a new low (you can read all about my last service experience here, i have another bone to pick with the geniuses in their programming department in this meaningless complaint)... all summer they've been sucking me in to watch the entire four or five seasons of Heroes and just as they are scheduled to show the last six episodes of the final season last week and the dvr was all set to save them, i checked tonight and found they were not recorded... my first thought was... another equipment failure...

but nooooooo... they simply decided to stop carrying the network that was showing heroes... no warning as i was watching that network for the last three months, just poof, and it's gone...

it took me a half hour of internet searching to find this out, more time wasted on brighthouse... and on tv in general... and once again brighthouse leaves me dissatisfied with their product...

how have they failed me, let me count the ways...

brighthouse, not
brighthouse disrespect
the continuing saga of brighthouse suckage
cable services
brighthouse sucks, chapter whatever
brighthouse sucks again
brighthouse service, not
not brighthouse
cable and internet search
brighthouse continues to suck
waiting for a brighthouse connection
brighthouse is amazing
brighthouse shut me down again
brighthouse does it again
brighthouse is ridiculous
brighthouse, wow
brighthouse "service"
another brighthouse folly
brighthouse issues, yet again
brighthouse equipment
still poor products from brighthouse

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